Thursday, March 15, 2007

Shimkus teaching the Constitution....sagacious sanctimony.

Elizabeth A. Lehnerer photo U.S. Rep. John Shimkus (R-Collinsville) discussed the Constitution and his job in Congress with students at Holy Cross Lutheran School in Collinsville on Monday.

Well, so much for an ignorance defense. If only the kiddies who were subjected to his contrived expertise in the Constitution knew the apparent contempt he held for that parchment profundity of political power.
I was fortunate enough to attend a Collinsville Economic Development breakfast a year or so ago where Mr. Shimkus was the guest speaker. At the time, Illinois was embroiled in debate over the bestowment of being a "judicial hellhole" and profusely hemorrhaging physicians due to skyrocketing malpractice premiums to cover outrageous jury awards.

So, Mr. Shimkus felt it his apparent duty to work with Mr. Bush and the other tort-chasing-lawyer-hating Republicans in pushing tort reform in order to usurp the power of juries to award damages to plaintiffs. Now granted, not all jury awards carry the presumption of being well-reasoned and fair, but the state legislature bears the primary responsibility for effecting change in civil law, not the federal government.

I had the opportunity to ask Mr. Shimkus a question at the breakfast and I pulled no punches and did my best to leave no out for an evasive answer or political platitude. I was partially successful. My question was this, where in the Constitution does the federal government find the power to intervene in a state issue, involving the power of juries to award damages, and arbitrarily set caps on compensation for damages? Because, if it acts on such power, the power must be plenary if not defined or limited in the Constitution, and if plenary, what is to stop them from later stepping to save the automotive insurance industry by limiting the amount of damages when manufacturers sell knowingly defective vehicles that result in death or injury?

Mr. Shimkus thought for a few seconds before proffering his answer and stated in eloquent political fashion that the power did not exist in the Constitution but doggone it, Illinois needs doctors so he was going to do what was necessary in order to achieve that end and if the voters find his actions distasteful then they would speak through the polls. Of course, I am paraphrasing, but doing so very accurately. Basically, the Constitution be damned, I'm going to do it anyway because the court of public opinion will carry more weight than the Supreme Court.

Now, I'm certain Mr. Shimkus knew that he had no authority to involve himself in tort reform, as well as the federal government having no authority as well. To me, he looked visibly uncomfortable with the question, knowing full well how he had to dissemble in his answer to save face. He relied upon the ignorance of the small crowd and their kowtowing adulation. Way to go Mr. Shimkus.

So now, Mr. Shimkus is gallivanting around the elementary schools educating children about the Constitution. In the story, he tells the children to look to the Constitution for answers about government. Allow me to correct that statement. Children, do not look to the Constitution. The government has all but forgotten it. Do not claim Constitutional rights. Do not claim civil rights. Do not claim to have civil liberties. Do not petition the corrupt and co-opted courts for redress. Instead, look to the Declaration of Independence. Your rights are antecedent to the formation of any government. Your rights do not derive from any earthly source. Government is a tool designed to securing our freedom and guarding your liberty. It has failed. The Constitution defined that tool. The tool no longer works. It is a rusty, worn, ineffective relic designed for a job that has been neglected; and now our republic lies in a sad state of disrepair. There is a saying, "chose the right tool for the right job". The job is reclaiming our freedoms and reducing government to that limited and specific trustee of our power in securing liberty. The proper tool now is revolution through evolution of thought. Exercise first the mind. If the foe proves too resistant, exercise the trigger finger.

Mr. Shimkus, you may fool some of the kiddies some of the time, but God help you should they wake from their slumber. I hope to be one to shake their eyes wide open.

I am not just being mean.

I am not being mean to Stan Schaeffer. I fashioned a parody on the Collinsville mayoral election wherein Mr. Schaeffer has spent more money on campaigning than what the position pays. Now, I have it on good authority that this is more true than not. I have purchased campaign signs in the past and for what I received and the cost involved I can say with relative accuracy that Stan has spent well over $3000. Couple that amount with direct mailings and newspaper ads and word on the street is that so-far the bill exceeds $21,000. I took license in moving that amount up to $25,000 because I will bet that is what the final fill may be. If I'm wrong then sue me. It is a parody.

People may ask why I am picking on Stan when Joy Springer has spent money on this campaign too? Heck, she may have spent more than $3000 on signs, I don't know. I have seen her signs and I've seen Stan's and I'll say that I know Stan's exceeded that amount easily. Is that the issue here? No. The issue is what Mr. Schaeffer has done during his tenure and what he will do if re-elected. I have spoken with both he and Ms. Springer and have not received, in my opinion, honesty and fairness from Mr. Schaeffer. When I met with him in private regarding the business license ordinance and its inapplicability in general, he agreed with my findings. He was willing to let me proceed with no fear of the City assailing me for not procuring a business license. When I pressed as to why he would not inform the rest of the Citizens thay they too were probably not obligated to procure a license he said he couldn't do that. It was up to them to do the research as I had done and determine the laws applicability to themselves. How is that for dissembling?

In othe words, Mr. Schaeffer was on notice that this law had no teeth and it was a paper tiger, yet, since I realized it was a farce and refused to comply he would graciously not pursue action against me, but was still willing to allow the rest of the Citizens to act under the false perception that the law applied to them. That is fraud.

It is because of this fact, although not the only issue, as to why I am speaking out against Mr. Schaeffer being re-elected. I feel that he cannot be trusted. This is not malevolence or spite on my part. It is being honest enough to confront something that will, in an opportunistic fashion, work in a way that is not in the People's best interest. It is a manner of acting that exploits ignorance and is deceitful. In good conscience, I cannot allow that to happen through my silence.

Now, I don't know what kind of Mayor Joy Springer will be. She seems more genuine and does not have the dulling tarnish of political tenure about her. I defer to the benefit of doubt in supporting her for mayor. I will hold her to the same standard of fairness and accountability as I would anyone. That being said, I believe that the People have an opportunity to forestall possibly looming tax increases and abuse of eminent domain by Mr. Schaeffer. Even if he is not successful in implementing such an agenda, why would we want a public servant who harbors such notions? I am not saying that these are absolutely his ideas. I can only infer and assume given the information publicly available on Mr. Schaeffer and his past actions. However, I can say that these are more likeley than not in the offing.

Is honesty meanness? Is having a concern for the rights and property of other Citizens malicious? Is it wrong to illustrate ideas through the use of parody or other medium of communicating a point? If so, you know where to find me. If not, take it for what it's worth. Educate yourselves as voters and as Citizens and take the appropriate action based on your understanding, knowledge and sense of justice.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Friendly advice regarding my challenging the "system"

I had an opportunity to review my performance in the mayoral primary with a friend of mine who gave me some valuable insight regarding the reality of Madison County politics. I think most of us will acknowledge that politics in general is a loathsome endeavor. The people involved in the process also carry with them the presumption of being less than upstanding and righteous. Most of us will agree that it is not about the salary, it is about the power. There are huge machines of special interests, groups and associations who have a major investment in "their guy" making it into office. These entities do not relinquish their cash capriciously.

Now, I spent absolutely $0 on my campaign, aside from my time on my own website, and I received 111 votes. I understand that Stan Schaeffer has spent over $21,000 on signs, mailings, and other assorted voter outreach communiques'. Did I force Stan to spend money to overcome my persuasive, cogent, honest and articulate statements on my website? I doubt it. The issue is why would someone spend so much money on an office that pays less than what I make in a month? POWER. Don't delude yourselves. This is all about POWER.

My friend says that I, as an individual, have in all probability agitated the political machine that feeds their lackeys at the local levels and I should expect some sort of retaliation. This may come from Stan, if he makes it into office, or it may come out of the blue; directed and orchestrated by the shadow government that sits in manipulatory control over those who aver to its power. I'm sorry. I am not one of those persons.

So, in anticipation of possible police harassment, trumped-up charges of some sort, smear campaigns, or other assorted nuisances designed to send a shot across my bow to not mess with the powers-that-be, I want to extend an "I see you" to those in power who want to make an example out of the little guy. I have prepared for such an onslaught by any number of government agencies for some time. I've pissed off bigger bullies than Madison County politicos, but that is not to say that they don't have the intent, wherewithal and opportunity to pester me nevertheless.

I am not backed by money. I am not backed by powerful organizations. I am backed by the knowledge of knowing my enemy. I am backed by the knowledge of knowing the fraud and deceit they perpetuate ad nauseum. I am also backed by resolve and will to confront whatever and whomever at any cost. I refuse to back down. I prepare for my personal defense accordingly. There may be a confrontation some day, but if it turns out for the worst let it be known that I will not be the antagonist, but the individual standing his ground in defense of his rights. Read into that what you will.

If I've poked the wrong tiger this time and retaliation is in the offing, then bring it on. I just hope that the couriers of such ill-will are prepared to pay a price for their involvement as well. Maybe, when the dust settles, enough people will see the game for what it is and come to understand that they too are powerless and enslaved unless they congeal as a people to bring the machine and it's minions down. Then again, I may be met with the rustling of leaves and the whispering brush of the wind against my face as the tyrants bide their time and survey less resolved objects of their ire. Time will tell.