Saturday, May 09, 2009

Judicial Tyranny Run Amok in St. Clair County

On May 8, 2009, I appeared in courtroom 108 for the 20th Judicial Circuit Court in response to a Notice to Show Cause arising from a traffic ticket issued in 2006 by Collinsville, Illinois. The presiding judge was Zina Renea Cruse (pictured here). It appears that this courtroom is for first appearances relating to traffic/misdemeanor. Judge Cruse called my name and I approached the bench.

The judge then began to question me about the 2006 ticket, asking me how I wished to plead. I was taken aback, since the charge had been dismissed in 2006 by Collinsville, but the judge persisted in questioning me regarding the alleged ticket. I tried to explain how I was not there to answer any questions regarding any ticket, but there only to show cause why I should not be held in contempt by not appearing for a court date, of which I was never apprised of, relating to a charge of which I never received. I asked the Judge if she could produce for me a verified complaint alleging a charge, to which she showed me a printout of something which represented a copy of a ticket, but which was not an actual charge.

Judge Cruse attempted to enter a plea of not guilty on my behalf, upon which I objected to her attempting to act as my legal representative. I reiterated that I objected to her questioning me about the charge, and I would only entertain the issues regarding the show cause notice. She also attempted to schedule a bench trial for the 3 year old charge, which was previously dismissed, which I refused to accept or participate with.

In an example of further incompetence and lunacy, when I questioned why I was being questioned about a dismissed charge, Judge Cruse attempted to tell me that, since Collinsville is in both Madison and St. Clair Counties, the Madison County part of Collinsville was dismissed, but not the St. Clair County side. I asked her if there were two charges arising from one incident which were filed in two counties by one municipality; to which she replied, "yes". What that implies is that one traffic ticket issued by Collinsville subjected me to the jurisdiction of both Madison County and St. Clair County. That is either a bold-faced lie or an expression of incompetence. Furthermore, how would Judge Cruse have any information regarding the Madison County charge when she is sitting in St. Clair County? The charge from Collinsville was a municipal charge and the setting was municipal court in Collinsville. When I appeared for that charge the judge, Mallotte, attempted to engage in the same kind of chicanery as Cruse and attempted to entice me to entering a plea to a improper charge. Mallotte also attempted to enter a plea for me, upon which I objected. After I refused to participate with that insanity I received notice the charge had been dismissed.

At this time, Judge Cruse, ordered me in contempt and had me placed under custody. I was then cuffed and placed in a holding room and later transferred to a cell in cuffs and ankle chains. Judge Cruse acted with hostility, contempt, unprofessionalism, and ignorance in attempting to goad me into stepping into a trap laid by fraud and deceit by entering a plea and accepting without having seen or been informed of, an unsubstantiated charge. She acted as a despot in depriving me of 3 hours of my liberty without due process of law, for my merely questioning the proceedings and standing upon my rights. Judge Cruse acted outside her judicial capacity and in violation of her office. Judge Cruse expressed the fundamental defects of the legal system as it exists today, by refusing to listen to defendants or providing a discussion of the merits of the charges by arresting those who take exception to her demands, or fail to submit to her ignorance and oppression.

Judge Cruse, it would serve you well to understand the limits of your megalomaniacal judicial powers. Your powers to not extend beyond your little fiefdom, and do not attach to people who retain their Creator-derived rights and fail to submit to your, and your ilk's, despotism. You act as a brigand, thug, and tyrant. You possess no authority over me. I will not step foot into your courtroom again. I perceive you to be my enemy, untrustworthy, abusive, and illogical. I am in fear for my liberty should I meet you on your terms again, and I will not be a willing party to what amounts to my own undoing. It would serve you well to leave me be. Save your time, energy, and abuse for those intimidated by your delusional exercise of tyranny.

FOOTNOTE: It appears that Zina Cruse may also be an Associate Minister of the Christian Fellowship M.B. Church in St. Louis. If Ms. Cruse's courtroom demeanor is any reflection of her "Christian" beliefs then she is either a consummate hypocrite, or poor example of a Christian. Ms. Cruse can be emailed here Her Illinois Bar Association page is here.