Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Sunday Morning Rant

Good morning newsletter subscribers. Feel free to delete this willy-nilly as my mood is at present acerbic and this communiqué' will convey such. The impetus for this diatribe stems from my watching news spewed by the corporate-controlled media. There are people carrying signs, complaining, whining, pleading; as well as businesses whoring themselves by seducing the rabble to engage government stimulus programs. A panoramic observation of the masses speaks to a condition rife with ignorance, fear, apathy, and greed.

Am I painting with a broad brush? I will say that I am painting with a spray gun. I mean no attack on anyone personally; I am making a general observation. If the abasement fits, wear it.

Swine flu. The hyperbole and propaganda oozing from the media and government trumpets the coming of the viral boogeyman. A vaccine is being hastily developed for which the pharmaceutical industry will be legally indemnified for any harm to you resulting from accepting the poison into your veins. Do you think the powers-that-be value your life? Do you believe that your wellness or happiness is any of their concern? You are guinea pigs, chattel, drones, fools. Whatever result follows your irrational actions is your fault. They will say you should have known better, but you were governed by fear. Maybe you would be better off dead. Take the vaccine. I will take my chances and rely upon my body's defenses and nature's remedies. If it is my fate to succumb to the plague, then so be it. I will not voluntarily introduce poison into my body which may afford no protection, and which may also hasten a painful demise. I will even posit that this flu originated in a laboratory, and planned for the thinning of the herd.

Government bailouts. I could take the disingenuous approach that the government is wasting your tax dollars on rescuing private enterprise, but to be honest, the tax dollars are not yours. There is not now, nor has there been for some time, any money. You toil for debt. You are in debt. You will die in debt. Your children will be born into debt. Federal reserve notes, the "currency" of the United States, are worthless script. They have no value other than what others are willing to assign to them; what they are willing to work for. The bailouts are nothing but a way to legislate the confiscation of business through the expansion of the debt. The market is not free. The game has been rigged and controlled for some time by regulation and monopolization. You did not bail out anybody. The debt which tarnishes us all has been expanded for the purpose of bringing under the penumbra of the "exclusive legislative jurisdiction of Congress" the means of production and industry, ala socialism. Welcome, Comrade. Feed at the trough and satiate your greed.

Religion, Christianity, God. I don't know what to say without alienating or angering some of you, but I will say this; the God I see marketed by many churches and religions appears to be a God of fools, ignoramus', tyrants, and hypocrites. If such a God exists I would rather be an Atheist. I refuse to believe in such a God. So many people hide behind their religion as an excuse for being "imperfect". It gives them license to fail and falter, for they will be forgiven; even though their spiritual and moral infirmities are self-imposed. A greater reward awaits when this life ends. A reward for what? What do people reap for having succumbed to the oppression of other men, regardless of how palatable or beneficial that oppression may be? How can anyone support war, yet assail abortion? How can anyone claim to be a child of God, yet serve the State? How can anyone believe in salvation, yet tremble in fear of evil men? Your churches are government controlled. Your preachers spew lies and vitriol. They deceive and dissemble. Their tongues are tied by preclusions from their churches being legal entities born from IRS regulations at 501(c)(3) tax exempt status. You worship the government because you pray in the house of Uncle Sam. Your preachers will not speak ill of government evil, war, revolt, disobedience; all of those things your Savior presumably advocated and died for. Jesus died for nothing. And so will you.

Culture. What a cesspool. Not by inherent attributes, but by choice. People are enamored with aspirations of being dregs and buffoons. They are violent, greedy, materialistic, and slothful. They are the products of their lack of responsibility to their own lives. I am not my brother's keeper. I refuse to put upon my back any capable being. I cannot supplant their lack of will with my own. My labor is not meant to sustain their lethargy. I will grasp the outstretched hand of the man who loses his footing while trudging up the same hill as I. I will take into my arms the individual whose legs have been worn to inaction by years of toil and suffering. I will not place myself between a despot and his conscript; but I will stand side-by-side with the man who battles the tyrant. The end is looming for many who have accepted a life governed by vicariousness, voyeurism, and disengagement. When required to summon your wits for survival will you consult reality television, or will you invoke life experiences which afford more than how to be a compliant drone to the State or your materialistic hedonism?

Myself. I do not know what the future holds. I do believe the future is a restatement of the past with the opportunity to change according to the dictates of the present. We are doomed to the fate of previous generations. If this is my first life, which I doubt, then I have but one chance to make my ending one which I can rest easy about. If this life is but another cycle in my evolution then I have a duty to learn from the past and to not err the same.

The world is perfect. Man is perfect. Perfect in the sense that everything dutifully conforms to the laws of nature. Man, however, possessing free-will, chooses to understand his existence or ignore it. The knowledge acquired through examination may prove disconcerting and uncomfortable. Ignorance and distraction afford more comfort. I have come to understand that man creates his reality. I know of man's capacity for evil; as well as his capacity for good. I have made my choice. My task is to maintain my principles despite the pressure from others to succumb to their artifices; and their attempts to seduce me to abandon my principles for temporary pleasures crafted by man. Look around you. If man possesses the answers to the questions of the world, and we are living under those answers, why do we suffer so? Why have the afflictions of life been enhanced by those manufactured through industry and government? We poison our bodies and divorce our reason, and create the reality of suffering and fear we cling so tenaciously to. Let it all go. You will arrive at the ultimate destination sooner or later.