Monday, March 12, 2007

Friendly advice regarding my challenging the "system"

I had an opportunity to review my performance in the mayoral primary with a friend of mine who gave me some valuable insight regarding the reality of Madison County politics. I think most of us will acknowledge that politics in general is a loathsome endeavor. The people involved in the process also carry with them the presumption of being less than upstanding and righteous. Most of us will agree that it is not about the salary, it is about the power. There are huge machines of special interests, groups and associations who have a major investment in "their guy" making it into office. These entities do not relinquish their cash capriciously.

Now, I spent absolutely $0 on my campaign, aside from my time on my own website, and I received 111 votes. I understand that Stan Schaeffer has spent over $21,000 on signs, mailings, and other assorted voter outreach communiques'. Did I force Stan to spend money to overcome my persuasive, cogent, honest and articulate statements on my website? I doubt it. The issue is why would someone spend so much money on an office that pays less than what I make in a month? POWER. Don't delude yourselves. This is all about POWER.

My friend says that I, as an individual, have in all probability agitated the political machine that feeds their lackeys at the local levels and I should expect some sort of retaliation. This may come from Stan, if he makes it into office, or it may come out of the blue; directed and orchestrated by the shadow government that sits in manipulatory control over those who aver to its power. I'm sorry. I am not one of those persons.

So, in anticipation of possible police harassment, trumped-up charges of some sort, smear campaigns, or other assorted nuisances designed to send a shot across my bow to not mess with the powers-that-be, I want to extend an "I see you" to those in power who want to make an example out of the little guy. I have prepared for such an onslaught by any number of government agencies for some time. I've pissed off bigger bullies than Madison County politicos, but that is not to say that they don't have the intent, wherewithal and opportunity to pester me nevertheless.

I am not backed by money. I am not backed by powerful organizations. I am backed by the knowledge of knowing my enemy. I am backed by the knowledge of knowing the fraud and deceit they perpetuate ad nauseum. I am also backed by resolve and will to confront whatever and whomever at any cost. I refuse to back down. I prepare for my personal defense accordingly. There may be a confrontation some day, but if it turns out for the worst let it be known that I will not be the antagonist, but the individual standing his ground in defense of his rights. Read into that what you will.

If I've poked the wrong tiger this time and retaliation is in the offing, then bring it on. I just hope that the couriers of such ill-will are prepared to pay a price for their involvement as well. Maybe, when the dust settles, enough people will see the game for what it is and come to understand that they too are powerless and enslaved unless they congeal as a people to bring the machine and it's minions down. Then again, I may be met with the rustling of leaves and the whispering brush of the wind against my face as the tyrants bide their time and survey less resolved objects of their ire. Time will tell.

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