Saturday, May 10, 2008

Fat, dumb, and happy in Amerika.

Let’s not mince words. The “Great American Democratic Experiment” has failed. “In what way?” you ask, shifting your gaze from your wide-screen plasma ejaculating NASCAR, football, and “So You Think You Can Dance” to address your tattooed, belligerent, corporate-branded, entitlement-minded children. You look about your overpriced, oversized, over-mortgaged home and entertain escaping in your fuel-hungry, overpriced vehicle. You inventory your legal plastic tender and contemplate the looming interest rate that will soon engulf more of your overtaxed income that serves to further bloat the swollen bellies of voracious malfeasants, traitors, terrorists, thieves, murderers, and vermin posing as legislators and law-makers lying greased and prone for their corporate sodomites.

The American Experiment that began with our founding traitors, terrorists, and landed-white-males standing on a Declaration of Independence and finally settling for a Constitution that embraced slavery, protected the privileged, and favored the mercantile, has accomplished exactly what it intended; that is, to feed the multitude a steady diet of propaganda, compensate them with fiat currency, commercially satiate their prurient desires, fatten them from the trough of government benefits, exact their allegiance, commandeer their children, and superficially educate them in preparation for corporate conscription.

The only involvement the so-called “We the People” have had in this experiment is to serve as lab rats for government to expose to war, deceit, division, and illusory wealth. And as sure as the carcinogenic fare was placed in front of their noses the rats consumed all their bellies could hold. What hath this experiment wrought for a so-called free people? It has produced evidentiary testament that speaks to blissful ignorance, voluntary servitude, moral abdication, spiritual prostitution, and cultural degradation. It is virtually impossible to live, work, eat, trade, associate, reproduce, or travel without the licenses, permits, or regulations of government sapping your common sense and free-will.

It would serve most of you well to forget these words and absorb the messages emblazoned onto your psyche by the corporate media, courtesy of your keepers. So-called “cults” who promote polygamy or “underage sex” are impugned, attacked, and their children confiscated; yet, parents proudly decorate their sons and daughters in the military regalia of an imperialistic despotism and allow them to be marched into foreign lands to die as glorious corporate mercenaries in not-quite-so-conquered foreign lands whose indigenous peoples exhibit more courage, temerity, and resolve than our morally exsanguinated and conscience bereft conquerors could ever hope for. Police routinely electrocute, shoot, or beat people, yet nary an indignant word is uttered by the masses because it was claimed to have been done “within established policy”. It is deemed unpatriotic to not tithe what the government commands. Never before has a society so immersed in technology, opportunity, and apparent capability been rendered so “fat, dumb, and happy” by relinquishing all that is theirs into the hands of arbitrary, corrupt, co-opted, and self-serving oligarchs.

As long as the din of platitudes flows past the Botox lips of the catatonic consumers inhabiting Gomorrah, Inc. by the incessant stream of National Anthems, Pledges of Allegiance, Oaths of Office, and Star Spangled Banners then the truth will lie as it has for eons; consistently and obviously etched upon the redacted words of history, ignored or re-written by those with power to perpetually subjugate those without.

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