Sunday, November 18, 2007

Judge C. Philip Nichols, Jr. Expresses His Death Wish

His Malfeasance, the Marquis de Sade Nichols

Parents face jail for not vaccinating their kids
Maryland officials frustrated by lack of compliance with immunization policy

I am sorry to say that due to the ignorance of many people who visit this link, and their propensity for violence and threats, that I am temporarily taking this post off line. After reviewing my web analytics, it seems that some of the search terms being used indicate people using them to send hateful messages to me.

It is not suprising that in this country, as it exists today, one cannot express himslf in whatever way he sees fit without ignorant, intolerant, and possibly violent people retaliating. I stand by what I said about Nichols. It is despicable that a man hiding behind the judiciary would order parents to put something into their children's bodies which they do not agree with. And when such a brigand threatens to take the children away and poison them by force, a parent has every right to resist with whatever means they have at their disposal.

That is not the promotion of violence. The government initiates violence and when people defend themselves the government then points the finger at them and cries "violence!"

I'm trying to do an update on this story to see where it stands. In the mean-time, visit the links above and make your feelings known.

Thanks to all you ignorant, un-thinking, reactionary, sanctimonious, and violent people for making my point.

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