Monday, October 01, 2007

This type of policical chicanery takes guts in a state with conceal carry.

Apparently, in Texas, it is commonplace for members of the legislature to cast votes on bills for other legislators who happen to be absent for whatever reason. It is against the rules, as promulgated by the legislature, but it is up to themselves to enforce and apply penalties for violations. Can you think of a more rigged game than this?

I'm not sure, but a reasonable person could more accurately than not assume that this practice is not confined to the hallowed halls of the Texas Legislature. How many laws could be considered null and void due to such malfeasing chicanery? How many people are incarcerated for violating laws which owe their origination to the prolific voting fingers of a select few of aspiring targets? This rises to the level of fraud, and a fraud can never be remedied, since it exists from its inception and is forever a nullity.

Seeing as how I live in Illinois, I cannot offer any relief for the Texas Citizenry, but I can extend an admonition to the legislative body of Illinois. I will push for, through a constitutional amendment for Illinois, that any law which has the preponderance of having more than one vote per person will be immediately repealed and void. Any evidence attesting to a legislator behaving in such a fashion will be punishable by immediate removal from office, forever all benefits and privileges, inability to ever run for public office in Illinois, and, depending on the type of legislation tampered with, imprisonment for up to 10 years.

This type of activity is a direct and blatant violation of the public trust and an indelible fraud upon the People. It is outrageous, abhorrent, and deserving of the fullest penalties prescribed by law.

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